Gradient Descent (Pre-Order)

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Gradient Descent (Pre-Order) - Tuesday Knight Games
Gradient Descent (Pre-Order) - Tuesday Knight Games
Gradient Descent (Pre-Order) - Tuesday Knight Games
Gradient Descent (Pre-Order) - Tuesday Knight Games
Gradient Descent (Pre-Order)


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In a lot of ways, Gradient Descent is a love letter to the classic megadungeon from fantasy rpgs, movies like Blade Runner, and comics like Blame!. We've done everything we can to make this massive, sprawling facility with all its nooks and crannies a fun place to explore for players, and an easy game to run for Wardens.

Gradient Descent packs a ton of content into its humble zine-sized pages, including: 

  •  Hundreds of rooms to explore: Gradient Descent is built from the ground up to be a megadungeon zone that players can return to over many sessions or an entire campaign. They can make quick dives in to scavenge for artifacts, or they can setup camp with the Divers and try and figure out just exactly what's going on down there.
  •  Hordes of Ghosts: The Deep is ultimately a machine. A very complex, godlike machine, but a machine none the less. And inside this machine are ghosts, echoes and reverberations of brainscans taken by the AI in order to build its sentient androids. Players can't kill them, they'll need to be more thoughtful when they approach these beings.
  •  Dozens of unique artifacts: You can make it rich in The Deep if you're a little smart, a little crazy, and very lucky. Gradient Descent comes with dozens of unique artifacts to serve as rewards or objectives for Wardens to place all around The Deep.
  •  A host of factions: The Deep is crammed with different interests. From the Divers, obsessed humans (?) who plumb the depths of The Deep searching for rare android crafted artifacts, to the various communities of androids all living in fear of their AI overlord, or else, the kill teams and Divers who regularly invade their besieged home.
  • And much, much more!

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