Alien Armory


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Alien Armory
Alien Armory
Alien Armory

Alien Armory is a collection of bio-punk weapons, armors and equipment compatible with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror Role Playing Game.

The Second Earth Xenobiology Committee has analyzed and catalogued a series of dangerous items of alien origins. Equip your Mothership characters with these horrendous tools or use them as plot hooks for deep space adventures.

This book contains:

  • 22 Bio-punk items
  • Void Septopus: Living vehicle
  • 4 Xenodealer NPCs
  • Bio-punk items generator

Alien Armory download files include the Kickstarter stretch goal adventure Hyperdrive: Hemorrhage. This is part 3 of a collaboration with Leyline Press (Andromeda) and Eric Alsandor (Rane In Blood). Get their products to receive part 1 and 2. Each Hyperdrive module can be played separately or in conjunction with the other two.

Alien Armory is written by Nyhur and drawn by J.F. Pierra

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