Alone on the Farm

Peter Drury-Mulholland

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Alone on the Farm

Six months after production officially began all contact has been lost with AF139, the isolated megafarm built on the unnamed moon orbiting the mining planet of Veon 725. As the main source of protein and vegetables for the entire mining operation this needs rectifying immediately. 

Your crew has been hired by the mining corporation to investigate why contact has been lost with the farm, and restore communications with the aim of restarting production. 


  • Story outline
  • 10 NPC's with detailed characteristic descriptions
  • Monstrous alien foes with stats
  • Map with detailed locations
  • Rollable rumours table
  • Warden hints and suggestions

The pamphlet can be used for a one-shot adventure, as part of an on-going campaign, or cannibalised and used for inspiration!

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