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After waking from cryosleep, it becomes apparent that a group stowaways are not where they expected to be. Players must navigate the derelict freighter ship: Carpathia, avoiding strange horrors of time and space while averting a crisis of deadly proportions.

An unexpected awakening sends a group stowaways on a race against time to avoid certain doom in this module for the Scifi Horror Roleplaying Game: Mothership. The physical module includes  a foiled A5 artwork print, and is printed in colour on individual A5 cards for convenient use. Items, Stat blocks and Ship layouts all included and come perforated so you can tear off the bits you want and hand them out to players. Optional maps and tokens are included as digital downloads with the physical copy. 


  • Artwork print (A5, foiled, full colour on high quality paper)
  • 8 page module document(Individual A5 cards, colour printed)
  • Digital copy of the module
  • Digital detailed maps of all three decks
  • Digital Tokens for players and NPCs

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