Blood Floats in Space

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Blood Floats in Space

Blood Floats in Space is a third-party setting for Tuesday Knight Games' Mothership RPG. It details The Empire Without Borders or Competition, a vast and slowly crumbling empire.

This book contains two new classes—the Juggernaut and the Psychic—four new deities, new rules for psychic powers, a new Mothership character sheet, and everything else you need to start a campaign.

It features writing by Chance Phillips, Mabel Harper, and Fiona Geist, was edited by Tyler Crumrine, has art by Andrew Walter, Jim Magnusson, Stefan Poag, and Scrap Princess, and layout by Matt Hildebrand.

Print versions are a 5"x 8" booklet with a full-color cover and a thirty-two page black & white interior. 

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