Fieldtek Combat Systems

Kevin Whitlock

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Fieldtek Combat Systems
Fieldtek Combat Systems

An illustrated catalog of personal firearms manufactured by FieldTEK Combat Systems Corporation - an in world artifact for players to find, created for the Voices of the Void jam. 

Intended for use with the Mothership science-fiction horror role-playing game.  


  • HP-10 Grasshopper Holdout Pistol
  • SA-33 Rattlesnake Burst-Fire Pistol
  • KDK-22 Kodiak Revolver
  • KEP-17 Clapper Energy Pistol
  • SDB-2 Raging Bison Double Barrel Shotgun
  • AR-77 Cobra Assault Rifle
  • X-23S Butterfly Sub-Machine Gun
  • KEC-12 Battering Ram Energy Cannon
  • LAR-225 Stingray 
  • AMR-50 Hammerhead Anti-Material Sniper Rifle
  • 11 New NPCs/Mercenaries
  • Weapon specific mods
  • Bonus: LBT-187 Light Tank

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