Here Be Dragons

Dan Tiskifer

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Here Be Dragons

In a recently mapped sector, a planet was found that shows signs of complex biological life. Human Life.

Your group is part of the first mission to CX-791-Tau. The scientific vessel's objectives are a precise scan of the planet and its ecology and to send you, the ground team, down there for a detailed assessment of the human settlement. Are those actual human beings? And how and when did they arrive here?

"Here Be Dragons" is a pamphlet module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG, providing a rather different adventure setting. It can be used as a one-shot or side mission in an ongoing campaign, or as the basis of a campaign setting.

All creature stats are written for and play-tested with Mothership 1e rules, but the module contains a section on about how to adapt for 0e.

The pamphlet contains:

  • Scan results of the planet, including the area map
  • Many fantastic, mythical monsters with stats and descriptions
  • Environmental threats and how to work with them
  • 3 NPCs with very different needs and challenges
  • The uncanny Overseer
  • Background information for the Warden and on their discretion for the players to find out

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