Immune Inception

James Thomson

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Immune Inception

A distress signal leads you to a decades old shuttle - The Immune Inception - lying stationary amid an asteroid field in a remote area of uninhabited space. There are signs of a recent struggle, and bodies float outside the ship. Bioscans show lifesigns still aboard, but are they friendly, a threat... or a lure?

Immune Inception is a one shot module for the Mothership SciFi Horror RPG which is formatted like a double sided tri-fold leaflet. It has been designed as either a random encounter or a hook for Tuesday Knight Games' Dead Planet, and contains everything you need to dive right in:

  • A fully playable, ready-to-run one shot to drop in to any sci-fi RPG campaign

  • Ship map, room descriptions, and crew profiles for the Immune Inception

  • Four original alien threats
  • Random tables for the infection of players and the infestation of ship systems

  • Player handouts showing ship schematics and still from external video feed

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