Nightmare on Cerberus Station

Ronan Jennings

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Nightmare on Cerberus Station

A deep space research station. An experiment gone wrong. The crew is dead and something has taken their place. 

Stranded in the depths of nowhere, and desperate for a place to land, the crew of a hapless ship have only one choice of shelter...

Nightmare on Cerberus Station is a 2 page, one-shot adventure for Mothership RPG.

Explore a derelict space station and find a way to escape, before whatever happened here happens to you too...

You Get:

  • Full colour tri-fold pamphlet.

  • Black and white printer-friendly pamphlet.

  • 2 handouts for players, including a map of Cerberus Station.

  • 1 Distress Log audio file.

The Pamphlet Includes:

  • A plot hook for the adventure.

  • A full map of Cerberus Station.

  • Details of what lurks in each room.

  • Stats for 3 original monsters.

  • The horrifying truth of what really happened.

Also includes tables for randomly generating unique and interesting encounters with Environmental Hazards, Objectives, Deadly Threats, and Complications.

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