Scrap Princess

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Megacities and megaplexes populated by swarms of gene-registered humans drowning in a tailored flood of targeted echo-chamber media. A nightmare granulation of technology and bio-subscription services operating within terminal stage capitalism. A violent coexistence of the oppressive technological and the invasive supernatural. 

NooFutra is a setting hack for Mothership. A meshed world of modernized cyberpunk and traditional fantasy,  where megastructures built from artificial meat risk possession from malevolent spirits, underground nests are built by burrowing feral infrastructure, and alleyways are prowled by graffiti gargoyles and dumpster mimics. 

This book contains information and tables for:

  • Life within NooFutra

  • Four notable mega-corporations 

  • Dangerous groups & supernatural agents

As well as sections on: 

  • How to run games in NooFutra.

  • Generating missions and jobs. 

  • Tables for NPCs and locations.

  • Creating characters, including abhumans.

  • Unique Skills, Backgrounds & Equipment.

  • Rules for talismans, Spells & Psychic Powers.

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