Plant Based Paranoia


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Plant Based Paranoia

"A distress signal traced to a distant jungle planet. A secret research facility. A plant with big ambitions. And a crew..."

A 3rd party pamphlet adventure for Mothership RPG. Minimal prep! Each entry is easy to scan and run as is. 

What are people saying about this pamphlet?

"This Mothership adventure has absolutely gorgeous visual design and top tier information clarity. An absolute masterclass in the pamphlet format. Plus, it's really good!" Ian Yusem (The Drain, Moonbase Blues, Dinoplex Cataclysm, etc.)

"I can confirm this is pretty cool!" makedatanotlore (scvmbirther, clamdash!, frontier scum, etc)


  • Potentially paranoia-inducing
  • A one-shot adventure with potentially long-term effects for ongoing campaigns
  • A friendly Android
  • Win 95 interface menu system
  • A minimum amount of game-jargon and mechanics. You can port this over to any other sci-fi/horror ruleset with minimal effort needed!
  • Print-ready PDF so that you can just print this thing up, fold it and stick it in your bag
  • Layout heavily influenced by Sean McCoys layout for "The Haunting of Ypsilon 14". If you've run that, you'll know how to run this!
  • Emojis!

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