The Black Heart of Paradise

Schwa Kyle

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The Black Heart of Paradise
The Black Heart of Paradise
Casinos encrust a refugee planetary ring of refuse surrounding a small freighter, a ring known by a telling ‒ and not so telling ‒ title: the Strip. Here, horror links in to tech's alienating aspect. It builds. It rends. Protections drip updates. Spinning wheels load mass care tables. Wires eject from wrists. Biceps bloat like bagpipes. Be you, make do. Some of the gore under your boot:

  • Oils from an indecent trade and an erupting pod light up a PANIC AT THE WEAPON'S BAY

  • 10 Casinos and 7 bars lend Stress relief (and chambered pop songs) throughout the RIOTING ON THE STRIP

  • Leviathan titancrawl with ship sheet of rearranging (and odd) cargo found WITHIN THE HORROR'S PARLOUR

  • Colorful NPCs like Lead Professor Xenoesoterist Limagdalenastelle Staniforchakraborti dot the players' path

  • d100 incorrigible prayers give a boost to pithy ammo, Psychedelics table cures phobias, generators for in-flight horror shows and junk food soothe and heal, table of contents is a table. It is that. In spades. Other things are tables.

  • Killing bridge made from electrolysis, harvested nervous systems and shadowsilk appears: Shut it down.

  • The sun never rises, the stars never fade and the threat's never more than a roll away in The Black Heart of Paradise♫❥

Content Warning: This game contains references to violence, death, sex, blood, cosmic horror, and monstrousness.

Color. 48 pages (including cover).
Dimensions: 7.44" x 9.69"

Author's Note: This mod isn't bootcamp. Prose parses tables. Horror is part John Dies At the End, part Alastair Reynolds. Geared toward RP-heavy groups ‒ written for the player who grappled a Grabber Tree to snag a Grabapple. 

Made proudly in LibreOffice
Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack used throughout is © 2016 VileR

Mothership RPG is © Tuesday Knight Games


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