The Black Pyramid

Josh Dixon

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The Black Pyramid

The Black Pyramid is an RPG Zine scenario for the game Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games.

What’s included in this Zine?

  • Warden background Information on the Scarnio.
  • NPCs stat blocks.
  • 4 Scenario Maps.
  • 6 Pages of Random Roll Tables.
  • Inspirational Artwork to help set the mood.

An unknown ultra-black superstructure in the distinct shape of a pyramid is found in deep space; no scientific instrument can render an analysis of its surface and it evades all detection by advanced sensor systems. It is so completely undetectable that it was only by pure chance it was ever found. Fortunately, the trucker who discovered it noticed the odd patch of black blocking out the distant stars otherwise he would be more debris floating through the cold cosmos.

This scenario is about the team tasked with discovering what is The Black Pyramid and what secrets does it hold?

Mothership is a Sci-fi Horror game inspired by movies like Alien, Event Horizon, and The Thing. It's a game of exploration into the unknowns of deep space. Players explore derelict ships, strange alien worlds, confront the abominations you find out in the black, and occasionally survive the experience. The Black Pyramid is just one of the many horrors and wonders waiting to be discovered and survived.

Created by Josh "Skull" Dixon

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