The Earth Above

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The Earth Above
The Earth Above
The Earth Above

The Earth Above is a module for the sci-fi horror RPG, Mothership.

A terrifying alien species known as The Pest has invaded a remote mining facility taking thesector’s only ship fuel source offline. 

The androids charged with protecting the miners have ceased communication with their parent corporation.

You’re out of fuel, and the only place to find it is deep within the mines, but that’s where the Pest are. 

Welcome to Cormeia-9.


The Earth Above includes everything you need to run a short 1-3 session Mothership story.

  • 6 unique NPCs with motivations and conflicting desires
  • 5 new creatures stated for use in Mothership
  • Fully detailed mining facility
  • 3d-modeled Mine map and detailed locations
  • d100 table
  • new weapons and items
  • Warden Tips

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