The Great Crossing Heresies

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The Great Crossing Heresies

The High Sister of The Order of the Apostle’s Gate requires Broling Yann and his 35 monks and acolytes, The Defenders of God’s Gate. The Defenders’ comms are down— common on the Forever Rain world of Cerdo’s Garden. Only half of the Order’s mission to retrieve the Defenders returned, spurring rumors of hierarchical disorder and tempting heresies.

Now, the High Sister has sent non-believers, the Crew, to convince Broling Yann to bring his congregation to help save the main settlement from impending disaster.

The Crew arrives at Marcion’s Abbey as a Storm cell strikes, flushing out the dirt road behind them in a mudslide. They can take the mountain pass on their way back, but must wait for the Storm to pass...

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