Warped Beyond Recognition


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Warped Beyond Recognition
Warped Beyond Recognition
Warped Beyond Recognition
Warped Beyond Recognition
Warped Beyond Recognition is the first Mothership module from Quadra, creator of the TRAAASH RPG blog, featuring the Mothership community's favorite house rules and various tools for Wardens to streamline and spice up their games.

In Warped, you'll explore a research vessel in deep space, uncover the site of a terrible series of experiments, and discover their ultimate purpose — if the test subjects don't get to you first!

This module comes with a lot of stuff, thanks to the generous backers of the Kickstarter campaign that got this off the ground:

  • 32 page hyperlinked PDF featuring:
    • A fleshed-out spaceship setting for players to explore/get torn apart on!
    • Six psychic Test Subjects as fully-realized antagonists...or victims?
    • A creative and open-ended psionics system that players can discover and use -- at their own peril.
    • Numerous plot hooks and consequences that make this module a perfect way to kick off a Mothership campaign, use as a one-shot, or drop into an existing campaign!
  • A full soundtrack by Galen Drew with ambient tracks for each floor of the spaceship that makes up the setting of the module, plus signature tracks for each of the test subjects the players will encounter.
  • A desktop mixer app (Win/Mac) that Wardens can use to easily live-mix the module's soundtrack by dragging a puck representing the players' position on a set of maps. It also contains a bunch of extra materials and background information about the world of the module, tables for your Mothership games, and a few secrets...
Design, art, writing, and layout by Quadra. Editing by Fiona Maeve Geist (MRC).

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