Corporate Survival

Scott Garriott

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Corporate Survival

Dark Stone Conglomerates is holding their annual corporate retreat at the Xola Healing Dome on the Kleopatra (216) asteroid colony and All of You Have Been Invited!

Come relax at the Essence Medspa & Wellness Center, enjoy 9 holes at the McGavin Memorial Magneto Golf Course, or take in a show or clear your mind at the Sarasvati meditation/concert Amphitheater.

Then be prepared for a fun filled day of corporate training exercises followed by a special announcement about the future of employment. All of this culminates in the heart pumping adventure of the 3 legged race!

This Mothership one shot adventure was made for the Hyperlight Adventure Jam 2022. This 2 page tri-fold pamphlet is playable in a single 2-4 hour session. Try to escape a corporate retreat gone wrong in a 3 level resort dome with over 10 locations. This adventure has everything a warden needs to create an exciting and dangerous chase as the players try to escape Employee 467 and the corporate security sent to cover everything up.

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