The Mole on Pirad One

Christian Sorrell

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The Mole on Pirad One

During a repair job to the remote freespace station PIRAD ONE, you meet a unique group of social and political outcasts and quickly learn that some have more powerful secrets than others. There is a force working from the shadows - one commune member is here on behalf of DEXTRO-SINGLETON, a powerful corp willing to do whatever it takes to secure the station and a valuable asset hidden within it. When things go bad, will you aid the disenfranchised that call PIRAD ONE home?


THE MOLE ON PIRAD ONE is a pamphlet adventure for use with the MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG.

Easily played as a one-to-two session standalone adventure or slotted into an existing campaign, THE MOLE ON PIRAD ONE sees players trapped aboard a damaged station and pitted against an undercover corporate agent with a very pressing deadline.

In addition to both standard and printer-friendly PDFs, purchase includes Digital Asset pack featuring a number of assets for running the adventure virtually (high-res crew portraits, animated GIFs, maps, and more).



Writing, Editing, and Design by Christian Sorrell
Playtesting by Tom Otero, Kevin Masterson, Kurt Larson, Dave Luepke, Jordan Fischer
Crew Art by @emipaints

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